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Canada - Email to SMS (text messaging)

Rogers Wireless
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]
Bell Mobility
[10-digit phone number]
Kudo Mobile
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]
President’s Choice
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]

US - Email to SMS (text messaging)

[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number] 
[10-digit phone number]
Virgin Mobile
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]
Metro PCS
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]¥j
t  U.S. Cellular
[10-digit phone number]
[10-digit phone number]

Amateur Radio
Send Email to SMS (Text) via Winlink System
Note: Winlink requires an incoming Email before they allow sending.

Send Email from SMS
Receive SMS to Email

You need an app that does "SMS to Email" ....there are many!

(This needs testing and when confirmed this notice will be removed)

iPhone - Field test mode adds signal strength in "dBm"
  Enter *3001#12345#* as if you were making a call and "Send"

SMS (text) - Command List


 start a new cell
 text any cell name to join it. for example, text @cellynews to get news about celly
 stop receiving text messages

 chat commands

 Turn message acknowledgements on or off (default: on)
 Turn join announcements on/off (default: on)
 Update your personal bio that other people see
 Request your userName to be changed. Celly support will contact you.
 List the cells that you have created
 Set/update your password to use on the Celly website



 Add a curator to a cell that you started
 Approve friends who have tried to join your cells
 List the cells that you are a member of
 Close a poll that you have started and send out the results.
 Delete a cell
 Retrieve the description of a cell
 Retrieve the last message from a cell, or if count is specified, the (count) most recent messages
 Stop receiving alerts and forget about a specific cell, or list the cells you can stop
 List the members of a cell
 Set cell messaging mode. Controls who can message: Open chat, Curated chat, or Alert-only
 Start a poll for members in your cell.
 Set the cell privacy. Controls how people can join the cell.
 Remove a curator from a cell that you started
 Setup a cell - change the cell privacy and messaging mode settings
 Update the welcome message for a cell
 Get statistics on a cell
 Verify your phone number - you don't need this command unless we told you to use it.

 member commands

 Block a user: you will no longer receive messages from them
 Invite friends to join a cell. See also: REMOVE
 List your invites to a cell
 Show your ranking with respect to other users, or the rank of another user. Use Celly more to raise your rank.
 Remove and uninvite a user from a cell

 help commands

 Show some basic Celly commands
 Show some more Celly commands
 Show the commands you can use with cells
 Show help for the specified command, or if no command specified, generic info about Celly
 Show the commands you can use with members of a cell
 Show info about how Rank works
 Learn to use Celly
 Turn message acknowledgements on or off (default: on)
Turn on or off publishing your cell to the public web (default: off)