Overview of what I use to "Live Stream" the Hummingbirds on Youtube

Channel link is:

Channel name is: @ve7ed

PC Computer info: i5 4 generation, 3.2 Mhz, 16 gb ram, Windows 10 Pro

Free broadcasting software: OBS Studio [ver. 29.0.2 64 bit]

Smartphone: Motorla G Power 2022 [repurposed]

Free smartphone app: Droidcam OBS

OBS in the Studio mode: you get Preview and Program
Left picture is the preview window and the right is the program windows which will be seen on Youtube by clicking on "Transition" in between the two windows

We have had as many as 100 hummingbirds on the feeders and in the tree.
A few stick around all year round.

We also have a fountain below and they use it to clean themselves up.