BARS, Base Amateur Radio Service
(Military shut the radio station down at Albert Head)

VE7RCN - HF RMS Trimode Pactor Gateway
VE7RAH Albert Head -145.430 repeater
VE7RCN-10, 144.970 (WL2K Gateway)
VE7RCN-8, 144.970 (K-Net Node)
VE7RCN-10, 440.125 (WL2K Gateway)
VE7RCN-8, 440.125 (K-Net Node)
VA7BEO-8,  144.970 (K-Net Node)

Tech Support
Antenna, Feedlines, Towers, Rotors and all aspects of the Stations
BARS, Closed down (by Base Operations, CFB Esquimalt)

CFARS, Canadian Forces Affilliate Radio Service

BC Representative


CIW921 HF RMS Trimode Pactor Gateway

Tech Support
Antenna, Feedlines, Towers, Rotors and all aspects of the Stations
I RETIRED after 42 years

CRERCC, Capital Regional Emergency Radio Coordinators Commitee
WebAdmin, Tech Support
Website - Shut down by the Chairman
Repeater system  - Shut down by the Chairman
The chairman shut down the websiter and CRD Capital Regional District
took over the repeater and packet system

CRD, Capital Regional District
Tech support for most of their EOC's, Repeaters, Gateway, Nodes etc.

Survey Mountain at 3000 ft
VE7RYF - 444.925 (Repeater)
VE7RYF - 144.970 (K-Net node)

Mt. Matheson at 1000 ft
VE7RYF - 145.430 (Repeater)
VE7RYF - 444.800 (Repeater)
VE7CRP-8, 144.970 (K-Net Node)
VE7CRP-7, 145.690 (K-Net Node)
VE7CRP-6, 440.125 (K-Net Node)

Mt McDonald at 1500ft
VE7RYF -146.980 (Repeater)
VE7RYF - 444.850 (Repeater)
VE7RYF-10, 144.970 (WL2K Gateway)
VE7RYF-10, 440.125 (WL2K Gateway)
VE7RYF-8, 144.970 (K-Net Node)
VE7RYF-6, 440.125 (K-Net Node)

CRD Fisgard
VE7CRD-8 VHF Packet K-Net Node
VE7CRD-6 UHF Packet K-Net Node


Salt Spring
VA7SSI-8 144.970 (K-Net Node)

Southern Gulf Islands

CVRD, Cowichan Valley Regional District

VA7ARE Arbutus Ridge - tech support
VHF/UHF/HF Voice and Data stations
Web Remote control of VA7ARE

CVRD HQ station
VE7SKR-10, 144.970 (WL2K Gateway)
VE7SKR-8, 144.970 (K-Net Node)

VE7LSO-10, 144.970 (WL2K Gateway)
VE7LSO-8, 144.970 (K-Net Node)

Lake Cowichan
VA7LKC-10, 144.970 (WL2K Gateway)
VA7LKC-8, 144.970 (K-Net Node)
APRS Igate and Digipeater

Mt Wood (Malahat)
VE7WOD-8, 144.970 (K-Net Node)

VA7CCD-8, 144.970 (K-Net Node)

Duncan Node Stack
Comming soon 144.970/440.125 (K-Net Node stack)

DOS, District of Sooke
Emergency Radio Coordinator
Built the Amateur radio station for HF/VHF/UHF Voice and Data

VE7RYF HF RMS Trimode Pactor Gateway
CIW921 HF RMS Trimode Pactor Gateway

VE7RWS VHF Repeater - 146.980

VE7SOK-8, 144.970 (K-Net Node)
VE7SOK-6, 144.970 (K-Net Node)

Emergency Management British Columbia
(previously known as PEP)
Station Manager (VE7PEP Boleskine)
Regional Emergency Radio Representative
Regional Amateur Radio Representative
1996 Communications Volunteer of the year
Assisted in the design and helped build the Vancouver Island Regional station @ Keating.

VARPA, Victoria Amateur Radio Packet Association
(One of the originators)

Webmaster & Tech Support/Trainers