SDRplay RSP versions
(Ham Radio Outlet)
USB and antenna port....

What is the RSP?
The RSP (Radio Spectrum Processor) from SDRplay is a Software Defined Radio which can turn a PC into a general coverage receiver spanning Long Wave (100KHz) through to Microwaves (2GHz)

Additional benefits of the RSP
With 12 bit A/D conversion and very sharp 5th order Chebyshev filters, the RSP allows you to process a massive chunk of 8MHz of radio spectrum all in one go. Great NF, Great sensitivity and perfect for all the popular SDR software packages.

Technical Specifications
Frequency range:
Total coverage from 0.1MHz to 2GHz
ADC performance: 12 bit native ADC
Sample Freq: 2MSPS – 10.66MSPS
10.4 ENOB
60dB SNR

Connection to the FTdx3000 is extremely simple using a RCA to SMA cable from SDRplay and USB cable to your computer.



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